Dragon Kingdom

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Just pay attention to it on reel 5, this is the only reel that can see it. If you see the dragon egg there, the last symbol that appears in the winning combination will be split into two parts. These parts will have the importance of two separate symbols, so their importance will be twofold. This explains why you can have a combination of 6 symbols in the Dragon Kingdom. This is because in the base game, all symbols except Scatter may be split. This is Dragon Split, the split function of the game.

Then another advantage of the game is the free game option, 15 free spins plus dynamic multipliers, which can range from 2x to 5x. The rise in the multiplier will be rotated one step after each win. The maximum value it can reach is 5 times. When the rotation does not bring victory, this will cause the multiplier to be reduced by one step.