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Mega888 Casino is one of the latest top online casino games. The Mega888 Casino gives players a familiar feel, as the platform is very similar to the SCR888 or the new 918Kiss.

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Mega888's Sun Wukong slot machine game is a 5-axis 15 payline slot game based on the legendary Chinese Monkey King. This is a unique game that offers four jackpots for players to play with, which is what most slot games dream of.

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Sparta is the slot for mega888 and has been available since 2009. The popularity of the game depends on its theme, especially for fans of ancient times in slot games. The combination of its graphics and sound creates an environment that reminds the Spartan era that it is pleasing.

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Single Pick

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If you want to play fast and simple casino games, then you are in the right place. Mega888's Single Pick is perfect for play and quick wins. All you have to do is guess the card symbol. You guessed it, you won the game.

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Most of us know about ancient Sparta from a notorious short film that was shocked by many drunken nights. Although we can't stop you from saying this, it's not mandatory to play Spartan from Spade Gaming.

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Snow World

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Even if we are not fans of the cold, we can appreciate the beauty of clear white snowflakes and crystal blue sky. For the harsh climate, there is only such a barbaric thing, when we think of it, it will be more romantic - on the most bleak night we can squeeze together and keep warm.

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Stone Age

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The Stone Age is the Endorphina Power Video Slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines. This is an amazing slot inspired by the life of prehistoric times. Don't worry, because the theme may be prehistoric, but the function is definitely not. The scrolls are well designed and look as if they are carved on the walls of the cave. Give this slot a free spin here or visit any Endorphina casino to play real money.

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