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Triple Twister

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An unprecedented storm is brewing. However, don't hide under the blanket in the basement, but want to get out of the carpet. Triple Twister is the dream of every storm chaser, you don't have to go to Kansas to play. In this 50-line online slot game, you don't just want to track the fierce wind. You are trying to track the big fortune flying in the air. There are two jackpots - one for the main bonus and one for the big one with a big bonus round, which is one of the best slot games played in Las Vegas slot machines, it's a very likely rain money.

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The Russian army let the Swedes run away in horror, and the French were frozen to death against the Russians. Now, you have a great opportunity to teach the British a good course in the Victory slot!

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Wang Choy

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Wong Choy is a 5-axis 15 payline video slot machine where you can choose from two Gamble games to increase your bonus. It also has three jackpots, Wild Symbols and Scatter Symbols.

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Wild Fox

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When there are 3 or more distractions from left to right, the mega888 Wild Fox slot game, triple wild features, and 9 free games are awarded. Jackpots can be won at the end of any game, randomly triggered jackpots, and jackpot wins are added to other wins.

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Wealth's Treasure

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All mega888 online slot machine enthusiasts can take part in exciting adventures, as well as a compelling five reels and 20 pay-line online game slots called Wealth Treasure. The online slot offers a fairly unique touch and we are really happy to find it fun to play with it! Today you can try the Fortune Treasure on the free slot machine 99 and then really play - choose an online casino from our catalog!

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Zao Chai Jin Bao

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Mega888 has recently spread over Chinese theme slot machines, and Zhao Cai Jinbao is another addition to the game studio's Oriental track. The title of the game is translated into English as "We wish you wealth and prosperity", which is a common idiom used in Chinese New Year celebrations.

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