Chao Ji 888

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8 is considered a special number in Asia, mostly in China. This number is believed to help people enjoy good luck. However, you should not expect to see 8 but dragons in the game. By getting a dragon, you get x8 times the bet. When the player gets a double dragon, the bet is multiplied by x88. However, the best victory is x888, which was obtained by getting three dragons. If there is a successful combination, the reel will glow and there will be a pulsating light. It will help you determine how much you have won.

There is nothing extra to wait for this game. However, this does not mean that you will not win this game. You will find one victory after another. The bet starts with 0.01 credits, which means it is even suitable for the lowest income people. If you want to enjoy a faster game, you should set the game to the Turbo option and you can set the auto rotation. With this option, you can relax while you are spinning. Even for those who have the lowest bet, this game is very generous to everyone. However, you should not expect to get richer from it because the expenditure is based on the size of the equity.