Legacy Of The Wild

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Legacy of the Wild is a Playtech 40-payline online slot that runs on a game engine built with a folding reel instead of a spinning reel. A variety of 20 images are displayed as symbol waveforms, divided into 4 lines, and then divided into 5 columns of tiles. The winning symbol disappears whenever a wave of icons produces at least one paid combination. The new image will then cascade down the grid and fill only the blank areas left by the disappearing symbols; this may result in a new win event. If the series wins five times in a row, the game will enter the free spin bonus round.

Another benefit of the uninterrupted wave victory is that the Book of Wilds Feature is activated for every successful victory. This is to extend the view of Book Wild by attaching a Page Wild to each successive wave victory. As a result, Wild Expansion increases the chances of hitting the winning combination one by one, eventually leading to the activation of free games.