• Dragon Jackpot

    Once the ball falls into one position, the following options will appear - 'Rebet', 'Bonus Bet', 'Double&Spin' and 'Rebet and Spin'. However, the presence of two extra buttons really makes this roulette unique. These are the "Dragon Bonus" and "Dragon Bonus" buttons, which offer many unique opportunities for getting lucky, which we will discuss later. The graphic design uses standard high-quality Playtech, red dragon themes and exquisite soundtracks reminiscent of Eastern, Macao or Chinese, ancient and mysterious things.

  • Legacy Of The Wild

    Legacy of the Wild is a Playtech 40-payline online slot that runs on a game engine built with a folding reel instead of a spinning reel. A variety of 20 images are displayed as symbol waveforms, divided into 4 lines, and then divided into 5 columns of tiles. The winning symbol disappears whenever a wave of icons produces at least one paid combination. The new image will then cascade down the grid and fill only the blank areas left by the disappearing symbols; this may result in a new win event. If the series wins five times in a row, the game will enter the free spin bonus round.

  • Lpe88

    Lucky Palace Casino (LPE88) is one of the most popular and popular games on the Internet. They offer a percentage of return and odds that are higher than physical casinos. They use properly programmed digital generators and slot machines that have built the edge of the house. Those who have a strong interest in gambling can enjoy a variety of advantages. Many of these online casino (LPE88) operators offer rewards and bonuses and initial deposits for beginners. Playing games online not only allows you to play in a comfortable environment, but also helps you learn and gain better knowledge through experienced gamers.

  • The Great Ming Empire

    Playtech's Chinese-style video slots have beautiful graphics and a typical 5x3 grid, however the payline is not only from left to right but also in the opposite direction. This gives players twice the chance to win, and the modest amount of only five paylines sounds less appealing. The theme chosen by Playtech is unique - unlike most Chinese and Asian-style slot games, the Daming Empire actually draws inspiration from the historical period from 1368 to 1644, a great era in the history of the country. In fact, China is known as the Daming Empire. The slot depicts two noteworthy characters - the Emperor Hongwu, the founder of the dynasty, and his spouse, Matthew.