Streak Of Luck

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Streak of Luck may have all the luck of the world to help you win more loot, but Playtech decided to add extra bonus features to make the game more enjoyable and help you enjoy slot games as much as possible, scattered, free spins, Multiplier and bonus games.

Streak of Luck rewards your free spin in a unique way, recording the jackpot on the right side of the reel. Once you have accumulated a certain number of consecutive victories, you will get some free spins, which will be multiplied by 2 times. A four-game winning streak will reward you with 5 free spins and 5 rewards for 10 free spins. If you win six times in a row, you will get 15 free spins, 7 times will increase 5 times, and you will get 20 free spins. For 8 consecutive wins, you will get 45 free spins, and 9 wins will get 60 free spins. The amount of reward, as well as ten, you will see you win the jackpot. In addition, 2 random wilds are added for each rotation. If you win 9 times in a row, another wild symbol will be added to the reels.