Mamma Mia

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After a gentle and interesting introduction, BetSoft's 3D talent was fully utilized, and Mamma Mia began to explain the "lock wild" function. This basically allows you to pay to stay as it was when it landed, and is a feature that was used on slot machines in the past. This is not recommended because you will lose a lot of money soon, but try to rotate one or two anyway.

As you would expect from BetSoft, Mamma Mia is beautifully designed and animated. The chef stays on the screen on the entire screen, and all the symbols are vivid when you use the paid line. Victory is easy to get, and the highest paying mark (chef) pays up to 500 times the line bet 5 of them. With great aesthetics and powerful RTP, the basic game is very good, but now the quality of the slot machine usually depends on its characteristics, this is where Mamma travels.