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Well, the story unfolds in a remote school where students learn the master's fighting skills. This is where we meet the protagonist - Pig, whose mission is to become a legendary warrior, protect his heart lady, and face the biggest bully in the area. By the way, who is a giant bull. The reels are rotated to show turtles and panda masters, bonsai trees, Buddha statues, wealth cats and noodle restaurants. All of this helps create an ironic but really interesting game atmosphere.

As a young student and a newcomer to the school, you will receive 25 victories, which can be placed on five reels and three rows. Rotate by paying only 1 point, or use the maximum bet button to increase each rotation to 100 points. Speaking of rotation, these can be set to an unlimited number of automatic scrolls, or you can select the fast mode to make the reels rotate faster.