Mayan Element Of Life

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This is a 5x3 grid with 243 ways to win. Bets start at 0.50 cents and can be up to 1,000 chips, leaving enough room for all types of budget players to determine the amount they are willing to pay for each rotation. Since this is a progressive release, we will remind that the likely big win will depend on the amount of the bet, as a certain percentage of the bet enters the cumulative meter at each rotation. However, history shows that many progressive winners gain wealth by paying low prices for reel spinning, so the choice is yours.

For many games of GamingSoft, the pattern usually remains the same when the theme changes. Here, like many other manufacturers' slots, the three cards in the special mission are Wild, Scatter and Jackpot. Regular symbols are represented by ten icons. Collect mysterious five-pointed stars to unlock the victory on the 45x line. Find five old trees and get a 27-fold line bet. Wind and fire will provide up to 18 times and 12 times the energy, respectively, and should be expected to be up to 7.5 times from the energy symbol. The card icon is one of the lowest income pictograms.