Chinese New Year

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The graphics are very good, allowing some of the larger producers to put the slot in shame. The animals are rich in details, the shadows are good, and each has a little bit of features. If you are not familiar with the Chinese constellation, you will find a pig, dog, horse, mouse, cock and monkey on the reel. Music is traditionally at least the flavor of the Chinese - although I do feel that there is a little bit of a British folk theme. This often changes and will not be repeated.

What really catches this slot is the animation that starts the free spin bonus game. Monkeys are alive and well, choosing a discrete and rotating number through a breakthrough screen. There is a second bonus game where you choose firecrackers. There are 15 victories in this game, which is lower than many of today's slot machines. You can choose any number of these. As with other Play N Go games, you can choose the number of coins per line (between 1 and 5) and the value of these coins.