Black & White

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There are many Asian-themed online slots, and if you are familiar with the industry, you probably don't need us to tell you. However, GamingSoft's Black and White slot stands out in this subtype's title for something different. First, the graphics are very powerful, and secondly, there are four different jackpots in this game. It also has some other notable features that give players a fun and exciting experience when combined with a fairly balanced payment schedule.

In this game, you will have five reels and three lines, just like most video slots today. You will find that there are only 10 paylines, and although this is less than what you find on most titles, they are paid in both directions. This means that you really have 20 ways to win every rotation. Most importantly, the minimum bet is only $0.10 per turn, which means you can play very small bets while retaining the opportunity to win some important awards through progress, which is not common.