3x Dragon Supreme

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3x Dragon Supreme online slot machine, 5 paylines, 3 game reel video slots. The Asian Dragon set video slot machine is designed with red, blue and gold seven designs, and then the 3x Dragon Supreme takes it home with a three-bar, double-bar and single-bar package. Allowing gambling from $0.20 to a maximum of $1,000, this GamingSoft-developed video slot provides enough levels.

Another benefit of 3x Dragon Supreme gambling is that the slot's wild icon 3x Dragon allows you to connect the payline with any number of icons. This is great when you can gather multiple paylines in the wild. More than one symbol that spreads the Chinese circle symbol can also win a grand prize for you. When you know that your payline won't win, you still have good ability to still win the scattered victory. Slots like 3x Dragon Supreme and offer similar online slot games.