Robin Hood

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The moving reel works by moving the reel to the right when you have a winning combination. You can win again this way - if you win, the reel will continue to move to the right. As a result, the multiplier rises to 2 times, then rises to 3 times, and finally reaches 5 times.

Please note the Money Bag symbols - these symbols are collected in the treasure chest under each reel, and once you collect 4 purses in the treasure chest, you will trigger a free spin bonus round. The purse in the treasure chest is kept for 1 year after our last game, so you will not lose your progress. After entering the rewards feature, you need to click on the treasure to cheat, which will show the value of the collected baggage. One of the characters will be selected as an extra wild, and you will start with 10 free spins. If you get 2 free spin symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5, you will be entitled to an additional 5 free spins. If you get 3 free spins, you will get an extra 10 free spins.