Egypt Queen

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Go to the Pharaoh's land, pyramids and overused slot machine themes with Gamesys' latest Egyptian festival, the Egyptian Queen. In the place where about 5,000 other developers have left, Gamesys has brought all Cleopatra to this place. In fact, this slot is similar to the secrets of the developer's own King Valley and Pharoah's Chamber online games, so they definitely have some experience in this area. However, with King's Valley offering 10 free spins, this slot offers more than just the generous Scatter pay and Wild to replace all regular symbols. shame.

As for the reels - five of them in this game - they are full of classic Egyptian icons: cross, chafer beetle, Tutankhamun and Cleopatra's own golden head, plus pyramids and some gold-plated 10-ace icons . It is worth noting that the winning payline goes from left to right and from right to left to get more chances of victory. Cleopatra's logo is the highest payer, rewarding a fairly good 10,000 coin award when landing on five cross-reels in a winning combination. The magic Eye icon is Wild, as described above, it replaces all symbols, not just the swamp standard symbols. When hitting five on the reels, Asp Scatter pays 100 times the multiplier for your total bet.