• Panthera Pardus

    Get ready to meet black panthers, cheetahs, leopards and snow leopards in this psychedelic forest! Be prepared to look at the big cat's eyes because they are disguised in the forest, I hope you can win the grand prize, or on the other hand you might be their midnight snack!

  • Paris Of The East

    Eastern Paris plays gangsters and thugs in a dangerous city full of light, crime but many beautiful sights. When you play this 5 reel, 30 line game, the city is full of surprises, with jackpots, free spins and more storage!

  • Pig Of Fury

    Well, the story unfolds in a remote school where students learn the master's fighting skills. This is where we meet the protagonist - Pig, whose mission is to become a legendary warrior, protect his heart lady, and face the biggest bully in the area. By the way, who is a giant bull. The reels are rotated to show turtles and panda masters, bonsai trees, Buddha statues, wealth cats and noodle restaurants. All of this helps create an ironic but really interesting game atmosphere.

  • Rhino Crash

    Welcome to Rhino Crash! This safari experience is unique, with outdoor views of the African jungle, including crocodiles, sloths, cheetahs, gazelle and more. This adventure will be unique as you spin reel cash and jewelry. In addition, if you are lucky enough, the rhino will take you to their hidden treasure and reward you with one of their four available jackpots!

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