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First Love

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Many of us remember our first love, the sweet innocence we kissed behind the school's bike shed, or shared ice cream on Saturday afternoon. But the Sky777 First Love video slot is completely different from this. It's basically an anime style erotic between a teacher and a busty female student, although a certain number of adult themes in an online casino game are good, but this may make things a bit far.

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Fist of Gold

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It's time to see if you need to take steps to strengthen the dojo, the biggest fight in your life. Everyone is ready to wait, and the rest is to see if you can accept the final challenge and be qualified for these legendary fighters. The last chance to withdraw from the free golden boxing, if you accept the challenge, then there is no turning back.

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Funky Monkey

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The Funky Monkey Free Casino Slot Machine Game is a fun game with a crazy monkey in a pretty suit in a small town. She is playing her favorite Bongo instrument and savouring delicious bananas. Do you want to see this lovely photo? So try this slot! Bravely press the "Rotate" button and your game. In addition, you will find Bet Max features to make your game more productive. Use it to choose the maximum bet amount and win the biggest reward! When they rotate, leave the eagle eye of all symbols.

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Chinese Kitchen

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The background of the Chinese kitchen represents a workspace that looks like a professional chef. Everything is as organized as the chef master expects. The reel occupies most of the screen, allowing the player to focus on the main action when needed. The images are beautifully hand drawn and in the form of some rather interesting dishes. On the right, we can see our chef working hard because there is an awesome steam animation rising. It's all about capturing the kitchen theme, it's done very well. In terms of appearance, it is clear that sky777 has already eliminated it from the Chinese kitchen.

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